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That’s not a flowslide, it’s a sad red troll!

There’s a problem with landslides. Okay, there are many problems with landslides, and I’m sure many would count “annual odds of death by landslide are one in a million” as a significant problem, but that’s not the one I’m tackling … Continue reading

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Let the Wild Spectulation Begin!

This is rapidly going to become one of the most-linked and least-read science articles. Why? Because although there may be nothing new under they sun, they found something new in the sky As for least-read, well… give it a try, … Continue reading

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In Ideas, Friendship, and Things that go Bang in the Dark

One of my cousins pulled me aside to interrogate me on CERN, particle physics, and why on earth people are making doomsday predictions. (In response to all doomsday predictions: Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the earth?) I need to … Continue reading

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