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Automated Thesis

The target audience of my thesis is me, back when I first started this degree. It is the scientist with only limited geoscience exposure, and who is trying to figure out what’s important and what isn’t in landslide papers, and … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Black Hole

There’s a really nice article up on black holes — eloquent, artistic, and accurate. The punchline? Black holes may have an upper limit, where if they get too big (a few billion times the mass of the sun — the … Continue reading

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Disaster Reduction Day

The second Wednesday in October (today) is designated by the UN as Disaster Reduction Day. In my eternal fascination with all things that go squish in the darkness, I have some suggested activities: 1. Play a round of Stop Disasters! … Continue reading

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Space Rocks

All the space lists have been jumping with news of the very small rock expected to create a nice light show in Sudan tonight, but I haven’t actually seen confirmation that the prediction was correct. It’d be neat if it … Continue reading

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