Coastal Geomorphology: An Overview

The VEIPS Coastal Geomorphology course resulted in over a hundred pages of notes (48 handwritten + 61 photos) and over a thousand photographs from the last five days. Geomorphology is the processes by which landforms are created; coastal geomorphology involves tromping around beaches observing how the geology, the waves, the wind, the rivers, and the engineering structures interact to create a variety of coastal styles.

I’ve put together an annotated trip map from Williamstown to Wonthaggi to Warrnambool cross-linked to sites of geologic and geomorphologic significance. The associated photo gallery of of the sites is here; it will be supplemented by panoramic and annotated photos a bit later.

There were a number of reoccurring themes — the unintended consequences of engineering intervention was a depressing one, the variety and intensity of warning signs a bit more amusing. My assessment requires writing about one of them, but I’m not sure which yet. Call this paragraph a placeholder while I type up my field notes!

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  1. Betty Morton says:

    great photos! amazing what a beach walk looks like when you have a geo along. cool technology on the map.

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