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Glaciers & Volcanism

One of my favourite stops on the first-year disasters field trip is near Whistler, where columnar basalts curve to a central point. Since columnar basalts crack into pentagons perpendicular to the lava’s cooling surface, the standing theory is that this … Continue reading

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Melbourne: a disaster-movie trailer

This week Melbourne, Australia had an intense, sudden storm, with huge hailstones (up to 10cm diameter observed) and enough rain to flood the downtown core. Although rare, this is not a unique event for Melbourne. The cold southern oceans have … Continue reading

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The Length of a Day

Spin in an office chair with your arms & legs sticking out, then pull your limbs in tight to spin faster. If you watched Vancouver’s Spring Olympics, you saw figure skaters slow down a spin by extending a leg, then … Continue reading

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Grolar Bears & Pizzlies

The earthquake rather overshadowed Polar Bear Day, so I’m going to extend my celebration with a very nice article analyzing the genetic similarities of polar bears and grizzlies, and suggesting that polar bears have rapidly adapted to a changing environment … Continue reading

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