EXERCISE: Tsunami Warning Communication

Today, the Caribbean, US Pacific, and British Columbia are holding a tsunami exercise. To be perfectly clear: this is a drill, a way to practice response and communication, and is not a regularly scheduled earthquake and tsunami.

This event is meant for emergency response organizations to practice. Unlike ShakeOut BC, the primary purpose is not to encourage the general public to practice, but a secondary objective of any emergency response exercise is to raise awareness.

The participant handout gives a nice summary of the risk we face on the west coast, but is otherwise uninteresting unless you, like me, are fascinated by the logistics of emergency response systems. I am particularly curious if the stated importance of social media systems will result in any form of attempt to test or practice engaging social media during the exercise. Yes, it would be a valuable learning experience, yet it could also seems like a risky game of telephone since it could oh-so-easily turn into a false alarm if a few key characters are dropped during repeats.

Edited to Add

In the ongoing lesson to never read the comments on news stories, general education about tsunami behaviour absolutely must increase in British Columbia before emergency plans will make any sense to the public.

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