Talk: Earthquakes & Tsunami: Current Events & Local Hazards

If you’re in the Vancouver region and have questions about the recent hazards and any implications for us, I’m giving an open-to-the-public talk. The events will run about 20 minutes followed by unlimited time for questions.

Title: Earthquakes & Tsunami: Current Events & Local Hazards
Time/Location: Monday, 4 April 2011 at the University of British Columbia.
5pm at the Coach House, Green College.
7:30pm at the Fairmont Social Lounge, Saint John’s College (Canceled!)


Tsunami Warning Sign

Tsunami Warning Sign, New Zealand. Image Source: New Zealand Ministry of Civil Defense & Emergency Management.

Earthquakes and tsunami have been dominating the news cycle, with scientific explanations that range from decent to dangerously misleading. With recent major earthquakes along the Ring of Fire in Chile, New Zealand, and Japan, the news is likewise full of speculation about where the next major earthquake will occur.


This talk is an introduction to how and why these disasters happen, with special attention to local vulnerability and hazard exposure in Vancouver and along the west coast of North America. The Cascadia subduction zone stretching from British Columbia to Oregon is capable of a major earthquake very similar to the Japanese event, yet our geography, population distribution, and emergency preparedness all change how a major catastrophe would impact our region. The talk will conclude with an overview of mitigation measures that individuals and communities can take to reduce their personal risk.

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