Every traveler has particular things they try to see each stop — my mother visits art galleries, a former roommate checks out sites of political revolts, and I seek out geohazards and local yarn shops. Finding yarn is easy with KnitMap, but I haven’t discovered a similar resource for creating self-guided geologic trips. It is quite easy for me to create geological tours for Vancouver and southern British Columbia on a variety of themes, informed by trips I’ve taken, formal papers on local geologic history, and excess familiarity with local geologic guide books. The task increases in difficulty proportional to lack of local knowledge, making trips to regions that are totally new to me (both in physically visiting and in academic reading) extremely difficult to plan.

The huge number of beautiful geoblogs suggests that the local knowledge I’m seeking is online and accessible, although not particularly easy to seek. I appreciate how many authors geotag their posts, but I’m realizing that what I really want is a central repository of field trip descriptions and field guide reviews, preferably displayed as a map. Has anyone found something like this? Or does it get to go on the long list of programming projects for rainy days?

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