Revelstoke Dam, British Columbia

This is a site description from the 2010 geoNatHaz field school.

Revelstoke Dam.

Revelstoke Dam: five generator units with capacity to a add sixth unit.

Revelstoke Dam impounds a reservoir 130 km long to Mica Dam, on the Columbia River. Each of the five generator units has a capacity to generate 460,750 kW, while the dam has the capacity to add one more unit [ref]BC Hydro. Revelstoke Dam Visitor Centre.[/ref]. The visitor’s centre contains information on the history and building of the dam, power conservation tips, and a model of Columbia River Basin and its dams. The bedrock beneath the dam is highly fractured, and required extensive deep grouting along the dam foundation[ref]Matthews, B., & Monger, J. .2005. Roadside Geology of Southern British Columbia. Mountain Press Publishing Company. [/ref].


Access & Location

Location: 51.0, -118.2
The dam is accessible via a parking lot off of Highway 23, east of the Highway 1 bridge across the Columbia River. The Revelstoke Dam Visitor Centre is open seven days a week, May 27 to October 11, 2010, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For current hours, see the Revelstoke Dam Visitor Centre website.


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