Fly-By Geomorphology: Kitsault River

I’ve been flying over the Kitsault River a few times a day for three weeks. The last 24+ hours of rain increased the sediment load, changing the river from clear blue to muddy brown. The water level also increased, filling in braided channels. In a few more days of rain, it may reach its bankful-width (as full as the river can get before flooding). This is (approximately) the same segment of river over 4 days:

Note: Sunday’s photo is taken on the outgoing (morning) flight, while the rest are taken on the incoming (evening) flight, so the perspective is 180 reversed.

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  1. Carlee says:

    I am inspired by your work. It’s simple, short and informative. Plus, there’s a lot of geology. Thank you for this, i’m going to go and look for some cool formations now.

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