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Why I Wear Pink in the Field

My first crew chief, a man who radiated so much rugged masculinity he was promptly nicknamed “Stallone” or “Rambo” in every camp he worked, flagged all our radios in pink. This differentiated the company crew radios from the survey site’s … Continue reading

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American and oppose the SOPA/PIPA copyright/internet censorship bills? Use this list to find out where your representatives stand, then give them a call to say “thanks” or lobby to change their mind.

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Avalanche Awareness Days

The third week in January is designated for Avalanche Awareness in Canada, just in time to give a reality check to all the new adventurers lured into the backcountry by spectacular weather. In recent decades, recreational users are more likely … Continue reading

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Aerodynamics at LAX: discount flight terminal

The domestic discount flight terminal at LAX features almost nothing at all, yet does have diagrams for Bernoulli’s Theorum, and shock waves at the transonic barrier.

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