Disaster Reduction Day

The United Nations has designated the second Wednesday in October (today) as disaster reduction day. This year, my theme is seismic hazards!

If you live in an earthquake-probe area, build yourself a grab & go bag of immediate emergency-evacuation essentials (medications, flashlight, radio…), and a secondary stay & survive bag (or just around-the-home-in-stock) supplies to wait out the chaotic 72 hours following a major emergency. Kits need to be tailored to your particular concerns, local hazards, and lifestyle, but some very good starting guides are the San Francisco 72 hours site and the British Columbia kits for every location lists.

Equally important is preparing your home for a disaster — securing bookshelves, strapping down electronics, and otherwise keeping everything within your home from toppling once the shaking starts. Drop, Cover, & Hold On offers good advice mixed with graphic design and games, while the far less pretty FEMA Guide to Earthquakes is also helpful.

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