Summer Science Program

Do you know science-inclined high school students who would love a chance to work themselves into exhaustion this summer? The Summer Science Program teaches physics, mathematics, astronomy, and computer science while setting students on telescopes to monitor and collect data on near-Earth objects. Their observations get submitted into official tracking databases, reducing our risk for planetary annihilation.


Orbital Dynamics at SSP

I was a resident of this program once upon a time and not-so-long ago. Aside from being the first time I was seriously academically challenged (an exhilarating experience!), it also included me in the most amazing alumni network I’ve had the pleasure to join. This is a network based on intelligence, curiosity, and respect, where every few months we get into lively debates over current events in science and technology. The experiences of individuals spanning more than 50 years of programs, scattered around the world, and working in every imaginable field, has been invaluable to me when picking undergraduate and graduate programs, when job-seeking, and when struggling with work-life balances. It’s an open, helpful, supportive community of brilliant people, and I’m give back every chance I get through my own experiences in unusual science careers.

So if you know a high school student looking for a real challenge, applications are open.

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