August Accretionary Wedge

The Accretionary Wedge is an ongoing geoblogosphere carnival, a month of thematic posts on any topic that strikes the collective fancy. After watching geotweeps compliment a particular field guide, I ask: what do you think of the field guides for your region? Do you use USGS books, part of the “Roadside Geology of…” series, conference proceedings, a homegrown booklet produced by your local college, or something entirely different?

To get things started, I have a few archive posts on Vancouver field-trips for AAAS attendees, and a book review of Vancouver: City on the Edge.

Submissions are due by September 1: just post a link in the comments or via Twitter (@mikamckinnon). I’ll post a list of all the reviews, for future advice when picking books to guide our rock-seeking travels.

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