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Heart Rock is the Greatest Grumpy Valentine

Love is like this boulder: unwieldy, needlessly symbolic, and slowly eroded by the inexorable march of time. Happy Valentine’s Day to all you curmudgeonly misanthropes who just want to get on with the eventual heat-death of the universe! Heart Rock. … Continue reading

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It took twelve years, but the Opportunity Rover has climbed up the edge of Knudsen Ridge on Mars. The view is great — steep ridges, a dramatic slope, and the far lip of Endeavour Crater shaping the horizon. The rover is … Continue reading

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From the Field: Behind the Scenes on SpaceX’s Launch of the Jason-3 Satellite

What was happening out-of-sight during Sunday’s SpaceX launch of Jason-3? These are my stories from reporting live on white rocket engulfed in a fog bank but without the internet connectivity to actually update in real-time. Find your way to a … Continue reading

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The Latest Casualty of Weird Weather? Frozen Turtles

This is a terrible record to break: Largest number of turtles relocated due to hypothermic shock from a single event. These poor reptiles are even more confused by this year’s winter weather than we are! If all goes well in … Continue reading

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Zombies: A Seismic Defense

A farewell note to a former coworker, inspired by John Rennie at PLOS: As trained geophysicists, we’ve kept the office mercifully zombie-free since the Apocalypse, even maintaining a rigorous field schedule. A global catastrophe of undead hordes roaming the streets … Continue reading

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GSA 2014 Vancouver TweetUp

Are you coming to GSA 2014 in Vancouver? We’re holding a meet-up at Steamworks Brew Pub on Sunday night (October 19th) at 8pm. The venue is less than a 5-minute walk from the conference and across the parking lot from … Continue reading

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Things I Wrote This Week

For the past two months, I’ve been writing for the Space subsite on io9. If you haven’t checked it out before, here’s some stories stories from this week that you might find interesting: I get concerned about too many landslide … Continue reading

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Tips for Students: fieldwork

The summer field season is rappidly approaching. If you missed it last year, check out the EGU’s Geology for Global Development mapping projects guidelines.

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Detecting Radioactive Anomalies

The low penetrating power of alpha and beta particles make them unlikely to be detected during field surveys. Instead, most radiometric surveys concentrate on detecting gamma rays. The low attenuation rate of gamma rays passing through air make both ground … Continue reading

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Characterizing Radioactivity

Detection of radioactivity depends on the type of radiation being targeted. Geiger Counters Gieger counters are short tubes filled with a low-pressure mixture of gas with electrodes maintained at a large potential difference. When radiation entered through the window, the … Continue reading

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