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Literature Review: Tides & Earthquakes

After discussing how supermoon was not going to kill us all, Donald-the-linguist and Jon-the-astrophysicist became so intrigued by the relationship between tides and earthquakes that I had to pull together a literature review on the topic for them. A few … Continue reading

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Literature Review

When writing a literature review, one of two things is supposed to happen: You know nothing and learn everything. You start off with a mental structure of what information you need to learn, and systematically review the literature to fill … Continue reading

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That’s not a flowslide, it’s a sad red troll!

There’s a problem with landslides. Okay, there are many problems with landslides, and I’m sure many would count “annual odds of death by landslide are one in a million” as a significant problem, but that’s not the one I’m tackling … Continue reading

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