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One of my cousins pulled me aside to interrogate me on CERN, particle physics, and why on earth people are making doomsday predictions. (In response to all doomsday predictions: Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the earth?)

I need to delay writing up a lay-cousins’ interpretation of CERN for the moment (thesis beckons!), but I can give you a scattering of links:

– the now-infamous CERN-rap for those who like getting their particle physics in a rhyming format.
– amazingly beautiful photos of the assembly that bring out my love of industrial art.
– the education comic for the folks who like getting their particle physics in an animated format, and the made-me-gigglesnort comic for those who already know their particle physics and like to snicker about quark innuendos.
– the formal technical info who don’t understand why anyone would go for all this cutesy stuff in relation to particle physics.

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