Space Rocks

All the space lists have been jumping with news of the very small rock expected to create a nice light show in Sudan tonight, but I haven’t actually seen confirmation that the prediction was correct. It’d be neat if it was.  We’re famously bad at spotting Near Earth Objects, and even when we do see them we rarely have enough observations to make an orbital determination (although the Summer Science Program has switched to helping a tiny bit with that).

It’s a bit wack that the coverage all seems to focus on sensationalism (“Fireball to hit Africa!” “Asteroid impact tonight!”) when the whole point of the bulletins is to prevent observations from being reported as missiles or UFOs, and the real story is if this prediction is correct or not (the last one was a “not”).

Update: Yup, it hit. There’s a cookie-laden site with a photo, while I think the Times Online wins the contest for most overblown title.

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