Automated Thesis

The target audience of my thesis is me, back when I first started this degree. It is the scientist with only limited geoscience exposure, and who is trying to figure out what’s important and what isn’t in landslide papers, and is more than slightly confused by it all. Although the style will be technical and I will be using appropriate vocabulary (“entrain” really can’t be replaced with “scooped up and mixed in”), what I choose to include and how I lay it out will be guided by this philosophy.

I spent a recent bus journey meditating on how to do this while trying to find yet another variation of “the debris went down the slope, across the valley, then spread.” And then, a phenomenal realization: in science, being repetitive isn’t dull, it’s consistent!

I have all my landslides in a database. My lovely Code Monkey has written a little program to suck the data out and slip it into a standard, consistent paragraph. I will hand-edit, but the structure of my case descriptions will be written by machine.


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