Citation Management Glee!

You know what makes a thesis-cruncher ridiculously happy? Getting her references sorted out!

The glory that is WorldCat allows me to fill in any missing information in my entries (and fix accent-errors induced by my fights with RefWorks, unlinked because it is unloved). The equally glorious JabRef provides a pretty, clean interface for seeing all my references at once, editing any misplaced data (for instance, all my book chapters were classified as “miscellaneous” instead of “in book”, and tagging entries as sane names (say, LastnameYear instead of refworksEntryNumber) so I can actually cite from memory instead of looking up the unique identifier name every time. The clear and complete NatBib Reference Sheet lets me automatically insert references in absolutely any format my little heart can dream of. Finally, the continuing and pervasive joy of LaTeX Wikibooks (this time, the Accent Reference Sheet so I can spell all the foreign places and authors correctly) keeps my thesis beautifully formatted without me needing to fight with it.

…this is the sound of girl well-satisfied with her references.

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