Cloud Chamber coffee table

The participants for Open Science next week are an eclectic group of people. One linked to a table inspired by quantum mechanics; one day I want to build a cloud chamber coffee table. Can you imagine sipping morning tea and watching particles dart past (and through) you, or passing time while waiting your turn on board games night by shifting magnets to bend particle paths?

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4 Responses to Cloud Chamber coffee table

  1. Dr. Mark Baugh says:

    Dear Mika,
    I’ve been thinking about having a cloud chamber coffee table for many years now. If you ever make one, make two and I’ll buy the other one.

  2. Hugh Tonks says:

    I’ve wanted a cloud chamber coffee table for over 20 years, ever since seeing a suitably-sized one in the Science Museum in London. So please make three.

  3. SudaNIMH says:

    I’ve likewise dream about building one, however I could never come up with a design that wasn’t either extremely hazardous, extremely expensive or both, that would put one a sizable show. : An affordable, safe, “quiet” coffee table sized cloud chamber just seems out of reach. Anyone have any ideas?

  4. I’d love a cloud chamber coffee table. But the engineering challenges may be insurmountable for the “coffee table” form. 1. Waste heat, what to do with it due to the nature of the coffee table the waste heat would have to be pumped under the floor. 2. Noise, this problem may be addressed through quitter motors and soundproofing. 3. Longevity, advances in thermal paste materials in the last 5 years may have happened but not likely.

    The reality is that cloud chamber platforms of sufficient size that also function as coffee tables or bar tops can be built, but would require a similar infrastructure and service of large aquariums. A vanity object for the lifestyles of the rich and famous crowd. Call Vanilla Ice and HGTV to make a show and subsidize.

    Also now large touch screen LED displays set up in table form are a factor consider now. A Simulation of a cloud chamber would be more economically accessible and serviceable to people of more modest means.

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