Overheard at the Office: Teddy Bears

“I have no good explanation for why a geophysical company has so many teddy bears.”

Geophysical Teddy Bears

Geophysical Teddy Bears

Explanations proffered on social media include:

  • Fashionable cushions for high amplitude seismic testing.
  • “Padding”-ton bears to supplement shock-foam when packing shipments.
  • Hug-providers for when data-processing just gets to be too much, and blowing things up is insufficient consolation.
  • Equipment to restore moral when fieldwork is going unbelievably badly.
  • Teddy Tax Deduction for geophysicists.
  • Fond memories of all the real bears who munch on cables.
  • Adding Concentrated Awesome to the office environment.
  • Target practice.
  • Insulation to provide piles of warmth when the office is inexplicably freezing.
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