I spent the last year doing geophysical fieldwork for a small consulting company, constantly on the road between mining camps, exploration camps, and small shacks in the woods that haven’t grown into camps yet. Turns out, glaciers in northern British Columbia are not known for prevalent wifi, and it’s awfully discouraging to write blog posts using skype and a smartphone from a hut in central Tanzania. Thus, the accidental hiatus from blogging. I’ve changed jobs (government contractor working on my beloved disaster & risk reduction), and settled back into city life with reliable internet access, so it is time to write again.

Restarting after such a long absence is a wee bit intimidating, so I ask you, dear neglected reader who will only notice this if you added me to your RSS feed long ago, on what should I write? Have you been awaiting any particular promised-post that never made it out of my blacklog of 81 (eeek!) draft posts? Did I miss any truly excellent Accretionary Wedge prompts you want my input on?

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3 Responses to Reemergence

  1. Ron Schott says:

    Welcome back! Write anything your heart pleases about geology (glaciers, mining camps & shacks in the woods would all be welcome topics for starters) or whatever else catches your fancy. I’ve waited this long for more, I’m certainly not going to be picky. 😉

  2. Chris Rowan says:

    Welcome back! Even though you couldn’t at the time, I think some blogging about what it is like to be an exploration geophysicist in the wi-fi-less wilds would be very interesting.

  3. Callan Bentley says:

    Welcome back!
    Outcrop photos showing cool stuff that people need to see?
    Travel stories from the past year?

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