Hedgehog Heartbeats

My little hedgehog finds himself carefully quantified as I adore him each night.

Heart rate is roughly proportional to animal size: small creatures have fast heart beats, and large animals have slow ones. An often-quoted relationship with no source I can track down is:

Heart rate [bpm] = 241/⁴√(Body weight [kg])

Pet hedgehogs typically range in weight from 200-1,100 g (although some maybe much fluffier). Converting to kilograms and taking the fourth-root is 0.6-1.02; dividing 241 by the fourth-root is 236-401 beats per minute. This matches up with the occasionally-reported healthy hedgehog heart rate of 180-280 bpm. My hedgehog hovers around 450 g, with a projected heart rate of 294, just under 300 beats per minute, so aspiring speedcore drummers could try to match him.


As for my hedgehog? He’s more inclined to trying out the upright bass.

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