Accretionary Wedge #61: Geo-jobs!

For October’s Accretionary Wedge, I asked what you did in your geoscience job.

Martin Bentley works in a small geotechnical engineering company in South Africa, where he does a lot of borehole logging fieldwork, along with report creation and administration.

The Gallivanting Rockhound Ann shares her experiences with work/life balances in the petroleum industry, along with some hard-won experiences with medical issues in the field (including safety tips for new fieldworkers).

Anne Jefferson of Highly Allochthonous discusses the career profile of a hydrology professor. She also did an interview with Eureka! Lab about her job.

Continuing the watery theme, James B. of Aerial Geologist explains what it’s like to be a sourcewater protection hydrologist.

The Silver Fox on Looking for Detachment discusses exploration geology, or at least those specifics that aren’t held up by company-confidentiality.

My contributions from the archives are working as a field geophysicist, or as a science advisor in the film industry. I can’t actually talk about what I do as a government contractor, and as a science writer I spend all my time looking for interesting people to talk to, 20 minutes interviewing them, 2 weeks doing research and building a story-structure, and 8 hours actually writing each article. Fresh for the Accretionary Wedge, I’ve written up a bit more on the practical aspects of becoming a geophysicist.

For the visually-inclined, the Association for Mineral Exploration in British Columbia is currently featuring a photo contest (yes, you can vote) with a whole lot of on-the-job photography of the beautiful places we go looking for goodies.

Were you late to the party and have a link to add? Are you  proto-geoscientist with questions about what it’s like out there? Comments are open!

Martin Bently is hosting Accretionary Wedge #62: Geollowe’en edition, to take advantage of all those costumes, pumpkins, and other geonovelities you spotted around the holiday. Didn’t see anything? Pumpkins are now on sale to create a retroactive jackolantern…

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