Montreal Massacre

24 years ago, a gunman targeted female engineers, murdering them for daring to get an education.

I am a female scientist working in Canada. This year, I spent a lot of time writing or speaking about science in public, sharing my love for its mysteries. Most days, most jobs, most places, most coworkers, most audiences are good. But not all are.

This is a day of action working towards a future where violence against women daring to be human is incomprehensible. This is a day to renew a vow to speak out when witnessing something that is wrong, to intervene, and to affirm that insidious sexism is worth fighting against. This is a day to work for a future where I don’t warn the proto-scientists I mentor to brace themselves to deal with inappropriate behaviour when just trying to do their jobs.

It’s a day of vigil, and a vow. It’s foolish, and pointless, and wrong to hate half the planet. The world can be better than this.

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