Physical Properties of Geologic Materials

As Sedimentation Saturday was a lovely way of teaching myself more sedimentation and stratigraphy than I had previously known, for 2014, I’m taking the same route to look at the most fundamental concept in geophysics: the physical properties of geological materials. Being able to invert measurements of physical properties back to the distribution and materials most likely to produce those measurements is the key characteristic of geophysics, making it a science instead of the voodoo-magic some other geo-disciplines occasionally accuse geophysics of being.

Each month will cover a different physical physical property. The weekly updates will be on what that physical property actually is, how it relates to geological materials, and how it is measured in isolation or in situ. I’m leaving out the references; for further reading I highly recommend the ATSM International standards, and Field Geophysics by Milsom (any edition).

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