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Aerodynamics at LAX: discount flight terminal

The domestic discount flight terminal at LAX features almost nothing at all, yet does have diagrams for Bernoulli’s Theorum, and shock waves at the transonic barrier.

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Space-science items I’ve linked to on social media recently: Cosmology Primer for your Beginning & End of the Universe needs. Constructive interference is the concept that brings you rogue waves, acoustic beats, seiche, and MoirĂ© patterns. Now do that in … Continue reading

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Field Photo: Ice Columns

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Hexagonal columnar prism, the most basic form of a snow crystal. The six-fold symmetry is the consequence of the shape of water bonds; the facets managed to form so clearly due to very slow crystal growth. I dug this chunk … Continue reading

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Geoscience at San Francisco Airport

The precipitation forecast as the American Geophysical Union fall meeting attendees headed to the airport to return home was less than ideal. Specifically, the airport was blanketed in fog, reducing airport operations to one runway, delaying and canceling flights. Line … Continue reading

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AGU 2010: Monday

The annual American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco just keeps getting bigger. When I last attended as a wee fledgling graduate student, I went as a press representative for the Society of Physics Students. As such, I conducted impromptu … Continue reading

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