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Up Goer Five: writing excercises

The¬†Up-Goer Five meme of explaining science in less than 1,000 words¬†received some belated criticism of being a poor exercise in science communication. Yes, just like not every article should be a one-draft 5-minute stream-of-consciousness quick-write, not every piece should be … Continue reading

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Natural Hazards in southern British Columbia

The interaction of strong north-south geomorphic obstructions and a low population density dominate the risk assessment for British Columbia. The north-south mountain ranges and valleys place severe limitations on where transportation and other infrastructure may be built. The limited economic … Continue reading

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Transportation Cooridors in British Columbia

Low population density in British Columbia, with populations clustering along the southern border, and strong geomorphic north-south obstructions conspire to limit transportation and communication corridors. The corridors are often multi-purpose with rail, roads, telecommunications, and pipelines in close proximity, and … Continue reading

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