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Vancouver: social disaster and recovery

I’m a physical scientist, and any education I have in social sciences comes from breadth requirements and conversations with eager graduate students about their projects. Therefore, commenting on the recent post-hockey riot in Vancouver falls strictly outside my usual areas … Continue reading

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EXERCISE: Tsunami Warning Communication

Today, the Caribbean, US Pacific, and British Columbia are holding a tsunami exercise. To be perfectly clear: this is a drill, a way to practice response and communication, and is not a regularly scheduled earthquake and tsunami. This event is … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Tsunami

The 11 March 2011 earthquake near Honshu, Japan triggered a tsunami that spread across the Pacific Ocean. The tsunami arrived an hour before I gave the first tsunami lecture for the Natural Catastrophes class. In that context, it seems an … Continue reading

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Twitter and Disaster Response

I’ve been repeatedly asked why a serious scientist would use Twitter as a communication method. In addition to my interest as a science outreach professional, I am interested as a disaster researcher. Twitter is rapidly becoming an unparalleled tool for … Continue reading

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