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Disaster Reduction Day

The United Nations has designated the second Wednesday in October (today) as disaster reduction day. This year, my theme is seismic hazards! If you live in an earthquake-probe area, build yourself a grab & go bag of immediate emergency-evacuation essentials … Continue reading

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ShakeOut BC

Following the success of ShakeOut in California, we’re stepping up earthquake preparation in the Cascadia subduction zone with Shakeout BC. California is along a transform fault, where the Pacific tectonic plate is sliding past the North American tectonic plate (or … Continue reading

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Happy Polar Bear Day!

Every year on this day, I check on the status of polar bears. This past year, we learned polar bear cubs look very cute when they hitch a ride, and that their purple tongues are very, very long. Cute, yet … Continue reading

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Measuring the Speed of Light

My chocolate is far too tasty to destroy in my non-existent microwave, but if anyone got anything chalky and kinda gross for Valentine’s, don’t fear! You can use that inedible cocoa-flavoured wax for at-home physics experiments!

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In Vancouver, the action will be at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre on Saturday, May 2nd from noon until late. The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada is hosting a free public outreach event including night observations with telescopes (weather permitting) … Continue reading

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Disaster Reduction Day

The second Wednesday in October (today) is designated by the UN as Disaster Reduction Day. In my eternal fascination with all things that go squish in the darkness, I have some suggested activities: 1. Play a round of Stop Disasters! … Continue reading

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