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Orbital Dynamics

I love orbital dynamics. The math & physics is beautiful, complex, and precise. I loved orbital dynamics when I first studied it as a wee physicist, but research into surficial cracks on Europa caught my heart and never let go. … Continue reading

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The Length of a Day

Spin in an office chair with your arms & legs sticking out, then pull your limbs in tight to spin faster. If you watched Vancouver’s Spring Olympics, you saw figure skaters slow down a spin by extending a leg, then … Continue reading

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On Things that go Suck in the Night

I tease that planetary formation is a delightfully broken science, one where every exoplanet we discover seems to poke an unpatchable hole in the latest and greatest theory. In contrast, I am astounded by the beautifully precise mechanics of orbital … Continue reading

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So, you thought Saturn’s rings were flat, did you? It’s been crazy-busy around here recently, but I always have time for neat astronomy.

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