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Geoscientists Are Descending on Vancouver

Vancouver is drawing geoscientists into its grasp this October with the arrival of the Geological Society of America meeting. If you’re coming to the science-party, here’s a few ideas on how to spend your time outside the conference: Geo Tweet-up! … Continue reading

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Accretionary Wedge: Guidebooks Galore!

For the August 2013 Accretionary Wedge #59, I asked anyone who reads geology guides, goes on geotourism adventures, or collects fieldtrips to review their books for the good, the bad, and the downright handy. Hollis Marriott of In the Company … Continue reading

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Vancouver for Visitors

I know we have a huge number of scientists in town this weekend for AAAS 2012. If any of you visitors want to check out some local geoscience, here’s an introduction: Geological Context Fire and Ice are the local theme: … Continue reading

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Biology(ish) items I’ve been linking to on various forms of social media recently: Dino-decorations and the Holiday Dino-tree Spider brains. I still vote that if your brain is so big it spills into your legs, then, still squished for space, … Continue reading

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Geotourism: Lighthouse Park, BC

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Lighthouse Park is located in West Vancouver, BC, accessible by the #250 bus route. The shoreline is primarily quartz diorite, the exposed roots of long-eroded volcanoes from this subduction zone’s violently volcanic past. The granite is cut with (much younger) … Continue reading

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Clouds Make the Sunset

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Vacnouver’s sunset on Friday did a beautiful job of highlighting mountains rounded by glaciers 15,000 years ago.

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Science at YVR: US departures terminal

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The United States departure terminal at Vancouver International Airport is not nearly as scientifically interesting as the international terminal. About all we’ve got is a Science World storefront where you can peruse books on local geoscience and play with science-toys, … Continue reading

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Vancouver: social disaster and recovery

I’m a physical scientist, and any education I have in social sciences comes from breadth requirements and conversations with eager graduate students about their projects. Therefore, commenting on the recent post-hockey riot in Vancouver falls strictly outside my usual areas … Continue reading

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Geoscience at YVR: International Departures terminal

The Vancouver airport international departures terminal between Gates 60 to 70 features more relaxing-for-an-airport geoscience than any other airport I’ve visited. A 60 m freshwater river terminates at the base of a 114,000 L saltwater aquarium of approximately 850 sea … Continue reading

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Workshop: Mapping Unstable Ground

I spent Friday at the Mapping Unstable Ground workshop, an experiment in getting local professionals in one place talking about the landslide hazard of British Columbia. The day was split into a series of talks with plenty of unstructured time … Continue reading

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