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Geo-Job: On how to be a Geophysicist

I’ve written before about how I love field geophysics, and find the job to be a mix of James Bond villain meets MacGyver. The post has spawned some questions, with emails to me from proto-geophysicists asking how to get from … Continue reading

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Coastal Geomorphology: details of stops

This is a gallery of photos from the Coastal Geomorphology field trip. The sites are numbered in accordance with the trip map in chronological order (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday). Clicking each thumbnail will bring up a new page with … Continue reading

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Coastal Geomorphology: An Overview

The VEIPS Coastal Geomorphology course resulted in over a hundred pages of notes (48 handwritten + 61 photos) and over a thousand photographs from the last five days. Geomorphology is the processes by which landforms are created; coastal geomorphology involves … Continue reading

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